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At Capricorn Frames and Trusses we use Mitek’s Posi-Struts floor system. Posi-Struts are 70mm or 90mm wide allowing for easy joining of flooring sheeting, and the wider edge makes it easier for tradesmen to walk on. Posi-Struts provide large clear span flexibility and building design freedom. This unique open web design combines the strength of steel together with timber for easy fixing and allows for services such as plumbing, electrical and air-conditioning to be ducted between the top and bottom chords. Posi-Struts are 50% lighter than conventional solid timber joists, making handling much faster and easier.

Posi-Struts are quality building component product with precise engineering, outstanding performance, and compliance with the Vibration Standard set out in AS1684. We design, engineer & manufacture to plan, therefore no onsite trimming or drilling is required.

To make installation on site easier, layouts are provided with all Posi-Struts. Any queries or concerns are immediately addressed to avoid costly delays

                           Posi-Struts on Wall Frames