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At Capricorn Frames and Trusses we are renowned for taking on complex and difficult roof designs. Our confidence in this area has given us the opportunity to provide trusses to some of Central Queensland’s most innovative architecturally designed homes and commercial projects.

Prefabricated roof trusses can be accomplished in half the time required for a conventional rafter based system due to its flexibility and cost effectiveness. They can be provided for nearly all roof shapes and enable freedom of design and room layout. Prefabricated trusses are lightweight, fast and easy to install and are engineered to comply with all Australian Standards AS1720.

Our Roof Trusses are computer designed and engineered using MiTek 20/20 software and MiTek hardware as joint fasteners.The exacting structural analysis used in MiTek software optimises the structure so that the structural strength is maximised whilst cost is minimised. Certification for Council is provided upon request prior to inspection

The major advantages of Prefabricated Roof Trusses are:

Trusses can use up to 40% less timber than a traditionally built roof.

No timber storage space required, it also eliminates wastage and loss of materials on site.

Roof trusses are prefabricated components which utilise established industry skills and equipment to save you time and cost on site.

Trusses are a fully engineered, practical and a flexible solution for a wide range of roof shape structures and can be designed to accommodate placement of plumbing, electrical, mechanical and sanitary services.

The ability to accept a wide range of roof and ceiling coverings. Vaulted ceilings are easily made. Attic trusses are designed to provide living areas within the roof space.

To make installation on site easier, layouts are provided with all Roof Trusses. Any queries or concerns are immediately addressed to avoid costly delays.